COVID-19 Telemedicine

COVID-19 TELEMEDICINE provides COVID-19 clinical protocols
for remote screening and monitoring allowing authorities
to conduct remote preventative healthcare

Benefits of Telemedicine

  • Monitor millions of people remotely to avoid cross contamination
  • Keep people out of hospitals and doctors’ offices to keep people safe
  • Collect, store, and analyse data
  • Map the virus
  • Avoid panic situations in populations
  • Increase healthcare efficiency
  • Be in charge

Ready-to-deploy solution

COVID-19 Telemedicine is based on the OpenTeleHealth platform, which allready is in use in several European National Health Services:

  • OTH has more than 6 years COPD experience 
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO13485 Compliant CE approved

Ready to use for scale

Covid-19 Telemedicine is a standardized solution
for large scale roll out 

Set up is done within 2-3 days upon signed contract


  • One server installation will be deployed for each 1. mio citizens. (3 days install time)
  • Servers will be available for use after 2 days upon signed contract.
  • Training and instruction will be provided through Webinars
  • Servers monitored, maintained, and updated by COVID-19
  • Protocols can be adapted by regional staff
  • APPs can be deployed in a few weeks

Integration quickly done though open API, OpenID supported

Capacity needed to implement

  • Expect 200-250 clinicians per 100.000 enrolled in monitoring. Can be tweaked.
  • Support helpdesk, call-centre answering questions from citizens; minimum of 50 FTE staff per region
  • Mobilize quarantine nurses to work remotely.